Don't Let Leaks Dampen Your Brick Walls

Don't Let Leaks Dampen Your Brick Walls

Call us for waterproofing services in Boston, MA

Is your Boston, MA home's brick exterior leaking? Trust in the brick waterproofing experts at All Mass Masonry and Construction to fix the issue promptly.
It may be difficult to tell if your home's brick has a leak problem, but some telltale signs can warn you. You should consider waterproofing services if you've noticed...

  • Warped or discolored walls
  • Damp areas in your basement
  • Musty, wet or smelly areas in your home
  • Changes in your brick's texture

For interior and exterior walls, our masonry experts can find the source of the leak and patch any areas that need reinforcement. Reach out to us for waterproofing for your brick walls by calling 781-885-5849.

Keep your walls sealed well

Our process for brick waterproofing ensures that your brick walls will stay watertight for years to come. We will...
  • Clean the walls and remove any dirt
  • Ensure that any debris is removed
  • Add a pre-mixed masonry sealer to the walls

You can always count on our waterproofing services to keep your brick from leaking moisture and putting your property at risk. Find out more about our waterproofing work today by sending us an email.